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Five steps to dive planning padi instructor development. Padi erdp multi level multi level scuba padi erdp dive planner 70031 this device replaced both the erdp and the rdp wheel as dive planning devices that can be used in a variety of padi courses. On most advanced or technicaldiving training courses, much time is spent discussing diveplanning, because. The purpose of the dive could be to test a new strobe, and the objective to add another great underwater photograph to the i love me wall in your home office. I recently got a chance to try the oc version of the shearwater nerd 2. The padi tec dive planning checklist slates provide a handy reference guide for use with the padi tecrec qualification courses. The apd projection, a theoretical dive planner is a development tool for creating experimental dive profiles. The apd projection theoretical dive planner is simply a number cruncher, which. When carrying out dives such as these, dive planning is imperative.

Shearwater research designs and manufactures computers for divers demanding more from themselves and their diving experience. V planner calculates all types of nitrox, trimix, triox, heliox, oc, scr, ccr, rb80, kiss and multilevel dives. Padi tec dive planning checklist slates simply scuba uk. As of today we have 100,974,488 ebooks for you to download for free.

It is not a substitute for proper dive planning and execution in a real world environment, experience and the use of sound judgment and safety procedures. Mysterious benefactor b2 donates hard to find resource of tech diving theory downloads. We will be continuing to add more information, if you have any suggestions or are looking for something in particular, let us know. The first 8 are considered to be 1 dive conducted in 1 day for each. Technical diving articles techniques knowledgebase. Includes tecrec diver manual, planning slate, 2 checklist slates, decal. Using technical diving techniques for short dives in the.

Often, little or no surface intervals are clocked between dives. To com plete the dive with the initially set mblevel all levelstops must be observed. Tech dive planner tool for estimating best mix and gas required. This is the required student materials for the padi tec 404550 courses.

Scuba diving resources and useful downloads fantasea dive. Beginning may 25, 2016, decoplanner will be included in tech 1, tech 60, tech 2, cave 1, and cave 2 course registrations. The vpm model is the most widely used bubble model by tech divers today. Youll continue to use the tec deep diver crewpak through your tec 45 and tec 50 courses. No decompression limit ndl pressure group pg pg after surface interval residual nitrogen time rnt will be added automatically total bottom time ppo. The first thing to know is the basics of the oxygen consumption.

Essentially an open water diver will learn dive planning using either the traditional rdp table version or the new erdpml. Using such dive planning software allows you to plan both decompression obligations and gas. A reasonable goal for a dive is to see the inside of the wheelhouse on a sunken wreck, take a picture of the telegraph and get you and your buddies home safe and sound. Technical diving books scuba center dsat, padi tec rec. The deco profiles will start deeper than traditional models and account for micro. The nautilus dive planner is an advanced tool for decompression planning featuring the hamiltonkenyon decompression modelcurrently technical divers use dive. All gases personally analyzed by diver immediately before dive. Beyond what could sound boring to you, dive planning is an art that will, of course, bring you more safety, but also satisfaction and enjoyment. Technical diving also referred to as tec diving or tech diving is scuba diving that exceeds the agencyspecified limits of recreational diving for nonprofessional purposes. The tec gas blender course teaches you to blend enriched air nitrox and heliumblend gases using one or more blending methods.

Solo diving, once considered technical diving and discouraged by most certification agencies, is now seen by many experienced divers and some certification agencies as an. At 30 m100 ft, divers consume gas four times faster than they do. When your purchase is complete your file will appear in your my account section accessed from your personal menu on the right. An interesting site, a reliable and likeminded buddy, perfect weather and water conditions, a stressfree trip, easy access to the water and thorough dive planning make for a great day of diving the resources available in this section and your diver training will help you plan successful dives. Im giving a report for class in a couple of hours and i forgot mine at home. Tech diving limited proudly launches nautilus dive planner. Vplanner is a decompression program that uses the varying permeability model vpmb for decompression profiles. You dont need to be a professional or a tech diver to make dive planning part of your routine. Multidecotdc is installed in the technical dive computers tdc3 model. The pdf can also be printed off in either a4 or a3, perfect for the dive club noticeboard. My shearwater perdix deco computer uses a buhlman based algorithim and has a built in dive planner that i use as well. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy it and dont forget to bookmark and share the love. The milan 235 meter deepest ever wreck dive report. Well believe it or not pretty much the same as a regular recreational dive.

Shearwater research rugged dive computers for technical. If during a dive a levelstop is being ignored and the diver starts another des cent shortly afterwards, smart might immediately request levelstops. All dives using buhlmann tables require a minimum of 1 minute at 3 meters. Scuba herald in dive safety october 5, 2012 0 409 views. Often an identical dive planned with both the buhlman and the vplanner will have 15 minutes less deco time on the buhlman. Dive phases can be selected from the drop down box. But how do you go about planning a safe technical dive. Galileo dive instrument is also compliant with the european union directive 201430eu. Heres a couple of quick tips to help you navigate your way around this electronic version of the gue technical diving manual use the bookmarks at the left hand edge of the page. The dive computers firmware is aligned perfectly with the multideco planning software. The product is very much aimed at the technical diver. Being the blender is a key job at a busy padi dive center or resort and your work allows other divers to do what they love to do scuba dive. A dive profile is a description of a divers pressure exposure over time.

Sure there are some anomalies, but the basic concepts hold strong. The padi tec 45 course is the second part of the full padi tec deep diver program. The buhlman based planner is far less conservative than vplanner. This continuity across the dive platforms, gives a consistent result between the surface planning and the actual dive. Pdf the question of deep and shallow decompression stops is interesting and. Using such diveplanning software allows you to plan both decompression obligations and gas. My sdi instructor manual is half the size of the padi manual and it doesn t. Several common types of dive profile are specifically named, and these may be.

Weve also created the planner in larger sizes a2 and a1 which can be sent to your local printers or copy shop if you need a large size. It may be as simple as just a depth and time pair, as in. The scuba doctor is slowly building a collection of important scuba diving related files for download here. It puts you in a complete tec diving rig, which can be either backmount or sidemount. Buhlmann air decompression tables sea level 0 700 m. The files that matter to scuba divers are available here. Technical diving may expose the diver to hazards beyond those normally associated with. You can also get an equipment setup and key skills video, which is a great tool to help you practice skills between your tec diving adventures. Actual volumne in all cylinders calculated and compared to required volumes. Oxygen pressure time limits minutes po2 ata single dive %cnsmin daily 1. Sdis solo diving is the practice of self reliant scuba diving without a dive buddy. Useful downloads we have assembled a collection of downloads and reserouces to assist you with learning to dive, improving your skills, planning and recording your dives. The tech dive planner uses noaa and other industry standard calculations to provide best mix at planned depth, ata at planned depth with provided mix, and estimated gas required to perform a square dive profile with time and sac figured in.

Scuba diving downloads the scuba doctor melbourne dive. In addition to this manual you can get contextual help at any time in the program by clicking on. Technical diving primer and workbook rgbm technical series 7 bruce r. Aladin tec 3g dive instrument is compliant with the european union directive 201430eu. Youll extend your depth limit to 45 metres145 feet and learn to plan and execute repetitive decompression dives using a single stagedecompression cylinder. Technical diving articles, techniques and training notes by andy davis.

Contact a padi dive shop and get your tec deep diver crewpak that includes a padi tec deep diver manual, which you can start reading right away. Apd projection a theoretical dive planner ap diving. The deco profiles will start deeper than traditional models and account for micro bubble growth and keep overall supersaturation lower, and giving a better. The vpmb decompression model is well suited to todays technical diving. Worksheet for divers to use to record the number of dives created date. Does anyone know where i can get a pdf or other similar downloadable copy of a recreational dive planner. In your account, click on the files tab to reach your download link. Risk estimation is needed for diver safety and sensible dive planning. At one point or another, many divers have found themselves alone during a dive, whether it was intentional or not. Whether youre an air, nitrox, multi gas trimix or closed circuit rebreather diver, shearwater offers products which are powerful, simple and reliable.

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